Where we started

The idea of Abzseway stems from an experienced and passionate runner who is active in cross country, long distance running and marathon. Combining her passion for running and the environment, Abbie realised the world needs less than average running brand as the need for sustainable and eco-friendly textile production has never been bigger.
Our planet is drawing in plastic pollution and capturing waste plastic and channelling it into efficient recycling and recovery routes is a key way to reduce environmental impact across the manufacturing and retail sectors. 
We hope that wearing our products will inspire and motivate you towards an active lifestyle and what ever you want to achieve in life.



Our mission and values

We give you a high-quality activewear, good design with great comfort and at the same time keeping it sustainable and eco-friendly. Combining the passion to be active and the environment, we believe in producing activewear with the core aim for Abszeway to help give back to the environment. 
Focused on using recycled plastic bottles, ocean and landfill waste recycled fabrics to create performance activewear and we believe our eco-friendly products have a low environmental impact and minimal carbon footprint.
We believe in adopting practices and creating solution that enhance our products, minimise negative impact and contribute to restoring the environment.